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Mosley Classic CL-33-M

Mosley Classic 33 Three Element Tri-Band Beam Antenna
RE: Assembly Instructions

Not a 100 % Copy of Everything in the Manual

Instructions For A Used CL-33, where all color codes have faded and where trap ID's are Gone !!

Mosley Assembly    Mosley Traps

The traps on the Mosley CL-33 look the same. The color coded side goes to the boom.
If your Mosley is used odds are the color code is gone. The only way to tell which trap is what
is to take the screws out of the enclosure and look at the windings.
The side with the fewest windings go toward the boom. Also count the windings.

  • 1. The Reflector has 25 and 15 turns. Yellow
  • 2. The Radiator has 26 and 14 turns. Red
  • 3. The Director has 23 and 14 turns. Blue

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